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Dr. Heidi Wroebel has been practicing gentle & effective chiropractic care since 2005, serving holistic care to mindful women and their families. Feel Good Chiropractic specializes in perinatal care and pediatrics.

Whether your Goal is to:

-Have a healthy & active pregnancy, amazing & empowered birth, quick & complete recovery in postpartum
-Heal a health symptom or concerns and to feel better in your body
-Feel stronger and more flexible
-Have better posture
-Sleep better
-Handle stress better
-Have more energy
-Feel more inner peace and less anxiety
-Be more resilient physically & emotionally
-Be a more patient, present, and fun parent
-Be able to play with your children and be fully active with them
-Resume or start a new workout
-Feel motivated to make healthier choices and follow-through on those decisions
-Feel more inspired in your own life's purpose and able to see the big picture
-Encourage healthy habits & vibrant health for your family

We are here to facilitate and cheer you on in living a juicy, fulfilling, energy-rich, and blessed life.
We know that way more is possible when we're bursting with vitality and feeling good!

That's exactly what Dr. Wroebel helps with! Providing healing to women just like you, so that you can feel amazing in your body-mind-spirit and live the life you were meant to!


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Consult & Exam Room
Family room (with changing table and quiet place for Mom to nurse)
Feel Good Chiropractic (outside of the office bldng)
Dr. Heidi Wroebel
Dr. Wroebel's family
Dr. Wroebel's family