The Classical Academy of Franklin

The Classical Academy of Franklin



About Us

TCA is a distinctively Christian and Classical PreK-12 school that equips students to become life-long learners where all facets of history, science, math, philosophy, art, and other academic disciplines are integrated around the truth of a Biblical worldview. Allowing students to gain a unique and important perspective, our educational method is based in the time-tested tradition of the Trivium. This is designed to work with the age-appropriate development of the child through grammar (k–6), logic (grades 7–8), and rhetoric (grades 9–12) to foster clear thinking and a masterful command of spoken and written language. Additionally, we desire our students to recognize cultural influences in the light of Scripture, and not to be swayed or tempted towards evil by their culture. We hope, by God’s grace, to raise up young men and women who are zealous for truth, hungry for goodness and sensitive to beauty. TCA offers small class sizes, a nurturing staff, a variety of extra-curricular activities and an after-care program.

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