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Who doesn't struggle with conflict? We all sometimes need help in reconnecting damaged relationships and finding resolutions to problems that work for all parties. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process in which a neutral party facilitates communication between people stuck in conflict, without deciding the issues or imposing a solution. It's never about blame, it's about solutions. Through mediation, conflicts can be surfaced, discussed, acknowledged, and in most cases amicably resolved. For these reasons, mediation allows conflict to be seen as positive and a source of change, rather than as something to be feared and avoided. Conflicts become opportunities, challenges and learning experiences.

The mediator assists the parties in identifying issues, reducing obstacles to communication, maximizing the exploration of alternatives and reaching voluntary agreements. The mediator does not provide legal advise.

The process will include an opportunity for all parties to be heard, the identification of issues to be resolved, the generation of alternatives for resolution and the development of an agreement. In most cases, relationships can be maintained and even enhanced. Conflict and communication skills are learned that can serve well in other areas of life.

Mediation is effective for family, relational, civil, community, healthcare, and business conflicts.


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